846 in-ear metal earphones


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Sound quality features:

This omnivorous earphone has good bass performance in terms of first-time listening experience. The vocals are centered and have a certain sense of layering. Because the new diaphragm is relatively compact, there is a little glitch and a slight treble when listening to treble It is not soft enough, and the bass is not fully expressed, but from listening to DJ or rock music, then it has a good performance effect, I believe that the effect after boiling will be more moving.

Wire characteristics:

This earphone cable skin is made of metal aluminum foil wire and TPE material. The requirements for the production process are much more complicated than ordinary TPE material wire. It can be regarded as one of the best in terms of anti-pulling. Don’t worry about wire pulling damage, visual performance It is a metallic titanium gray with a high-end atmosphere.

Headphone features:

The user-friendly plug-in design can be used to dismantle and upgrade the wires more conveniently and freely. The special metal snap ring makes the plug-in and plug-out more compact and not easy to fall off. The signal transmission is better and the music world can be enjoyed.

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Dimensions180 × 230 × 40 cm



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846 in-ear metal earphones
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