Eco-friendly folding shopping bag


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Style: Fashion shopping bag

Material: 190T polyester fiber

Color: A: One size-FBKC-1, B: One size-FB bule, C: One size-FBxiaohua, D: One size-FBheisehuoniao, E: One size-FBtiaowen, F: One size-FB pink bird, G: One size-SJ pink bird , H: One size code-SJ japan, I: One size code-SJ BIG SALE, J: One size code-SJ red, K: One size code-SJ big hua, L: One size code-CJ bule bear, M: One size code-CJ xiaohua, N: One size code- CJ bule sheep, O: One size-CJ black bird, P: One size-CJ red, Q: One size-CJ tiaowen, R: One size-pink, S: One size-red, T: One size-purple,

Weight0.10 kg
Dimensions100 × 80 × 40 cm

M, H, P, R, L, S, I, O, G, K, J, D, E, T, B, C, A, N, F, Q


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Eco-friendly folding shopping bag
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