Eco-friendly Silicone Pet Placemat


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1. Material: made of food-based silicone material, healthy and safe;

2. Anti-drop: The product is soft and does not fall;

3. Solid workmanship: not easy to deform and not easy to age;

4. Good texture: silicone feels comfortable and soft;

5. Easy to clean: It can be cleaned by scrubbing with water or a brush, which is very convenient;

6. High-temperature resistance: silica gel has good high-temperature resistance and low-temperature stability;

7. Color: pure color design, pure and elegant, bright, add non-like colors to your life;


Name: Silicone Pet Placemat

Material: food-type silicone

Size: 480 * 270 * 3MM

Weight: 183 grams

Package Content:

1 x Placemat


Weight0.20 kg
Dimensions200 × 100 × 10 cm

Aquamarine, Rose Red, Light Blue, Black, Light pink, Light grey


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Eco-friendly Silicone Pet Placemat
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